About BOOC

Book Organizations of Colorado (BOOC) is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that connects Colorado organizations involved with books. Our goal is to foster and facilitate communication, cooperation and education among Colorado nonprofit associations whose activities support literacy, libraries, writing, publishing, selling or promoting books for the mutual benefit of members and the general public.

BOOC was formed in 2001 by Kenn Amdahl of Clearwater Publishing, who brought together the leaders of a half-dozen groups to discuss improving cooperation among their organizations. We now have several dozen members whose leaders use our e-mail list to inform a wide circle of members about events of interest and to help avoid scheduling conflicts. We also have a chat list and we publish a monthly newsletter featuring book events in the state.

You can reach us via email using the Contact Us button to the right, or at our mailing address: PO Box 778, Broomfield, CO 80038-0778

What's New

In May 2006, we moved our monthly newsletter, BOOC Book News, into an online format under the Book News tab. We hope this will make the information more accessible to more readers. Leaders of our member groups can continue to post events to our Leaders e-mail list for inclusion on the site. Other folks with programs of interest can send them to our webmaster for consideration.

Book Drive for New Orleans Library

In January, BOOC began a book drive to collect books for the New Orleans Libraries, devastated by hurricane Katrina. We had a direct contact with the library who assured us that they could use whatever books we collected. Generous Coloradans sent, dropped, or shipped more than 4,000 books to Clearwater Publishing's warehouse-- well over 3 tons worth. Generous donors also helped with financial contributions to help cover shipping. We sent several shipments to New Orleans, but in April we learned that the library was receiving more books than it could handle.

For the time being, we have stopped collecting books for New Orleans Libraries.

In conjunction with this book drive, we donated a large quantity of books to the Navajo Nation Library, which distributes books to poor Indian communities. They were very eager to receive our donation. Their web site is

Enjoy these photos of our book drive.

Joe Reid and Kenn Amdahl heft book donations.
Everett and Nathaniel load books for the Navajo Nation Library.